GRAAL III – 2013 – Glacier-Caving and Research in Greenland

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3° Expedition “GRAAL III – 2013″
Project (Greenland Research Animals and Algae)
“Spélè’Ice” Association

The expedition GRAAL III took place on the west side of Greenland at about 80 km north of the town of Ilulissat (over 300 km north of the Arctic Circle).
The explored area lies between the Bay of Quervain, close to the glacier Eqip Sermia and the rear ice cap.
The explorations and studies of this expedition were focused on the area along the coast covered with lake and tundra, and on the marginal ice cap. The latter is reachable by foot from Port Victor through one of the easier accesses at the “inlandsis, discovered by the polar explorers in the middle of 1800.
The first expedition of Association Spele’Ice began in 2007.
Ever since, the team of explorers continued its work building on the results of previous research campaigns, conducting simultaneously both geographical and caving explorations.
The team also maintained its supportive role to a scientific team, led by Alain Coutè.
Alain pays particular attention to sampling and studying cryoconites and the microorganisms which live and interact inside them. Their studies and comparisons always offer interesting surprises.
A numerous team of cameramen was present during the expedition. It was involved in the creation of informative documentaries for the television.
The French glaciologist Luc Moreau was helped by the engineer surveyor at the Leica geosystems, Farouk Keddad.
The research was focused on the monitoring project of the glacier EQIP Sermia, started by the same team in 2011. A 3D scan of a Moulin was successfully accomplished.
The restoration and preservation of Cabane of france explorer Paul Emile Victor and the written testimonies stored inside has always been one of the goals of the expedition.
For bureaucratic reasons and lack of funds, however, the structure was
left on self-support and its current condition is seriously deteriorated!