Greenland 2017-2018 – Inside the Glaciers Project

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Inside The Glaciers it’s e multi-disciplinary project, combination of glacier cave explorer and scientists from all around the Planet: the British geographer and microbiologist Joseph Cook a National Geographic Explorer and a Rolex Award Explorer in 2016, South African biochemist Melanie Hay, the micro-biologist Arwyn Edwards, from Aberystwyth University, Alun Hubbard glaciologist and the engineer Adrien Briod testing collision drones.

Two expeditions were realised on the Greenland’s ice cap in October 2017 and October 2018  at almost 100 km from Kangerlussuaq at 1000m above sea level. Sampling of cryoconites were collected outside and inside the moulins –vertical shafts –at more than 100m deep into the ice-cap. Outside, on top of the ice sheets, purpose-designed laboratories were set up to conduct micro-biologist tests, knowing DNA and RNA of life in the ice cap …