Northern Parau Expedition 2017 – Kermanshah – Iran … Ghala cave (-562m), the second deepest shaft in the World

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The expedition were organized by the “Surena Caving Team” of Teheran and supported by the italian Association “La Venta – Esplorazioni Geografiche” the first week of september 2017 on the Parau Massif, a part of the Zagros mountains in the Kermanshah province. Those limestone mountains are located close to the Turkish and Iraq borders and with Fans and Makran Mountains, reach the 1000km in length and 4000m of altitude. 

Water, altitude and sun are the main problems in this part of Iran making more difficult the exploration inside and outside caves.

Our Camp, located close to the Ghala cave (the second deepest cave on Earth with a dept of 562m), at 3000m a.s.l. and for the first time the cave were documented. We spend 7 hours in 4 people, to reach the bottom and take a few shots fighting with the cold temperature. 

The area need years of explorations before to know the real caving potentiality. This was just a first step for more futures collaborations with this wonderful people!