Name: Alessio Romeo
Photographer and visual storyteller from 2000 based in Italy … he work for Doc Creativity Coop

Masters degree in Geological Sciences
Caver from 1991, alpinist and canyoning from the 1993, diver from 2005 as DiveMester.

Speleological works:

March 2018 – Chile  Atacama desert technical responsible and photographerExpedition dedicated to explore news caves on the Cordillera del Sal and realize a accurate scientific and video-photo documentation for the National Geographic Magazine..

2017- Professional glacier-caver and official photographer for Moncler as part of “Iside the Glaciers Project” a project confirmed also for 2018 – Greenland Ice Cap

November 2017– Collaboration with Miles Beyond in PANGEA 2017 as logistic, safty responsible and photographer.

March 2016  Venezuela – Unique exploration dedicated to geological and biological research in the extremely remote area of Sarisarinama Tepui. My role was photo and Logistic Assistant of the GEO Germany Magazine team  (Lars Abromeit and Robbie Shone).

2016-2017 – Two expeditions for the multi-disciplinary study of the Puerto Princesa Underground River Cave and the surrounding jungle area (World Heritage and New 7th Natural Wonder of the World from 2012). The project is in framework of Philippines-Italy debt for development swap program as support for sustainable eco-tourism of the area. I was responsible of photo-documentation and explorer.

2016-2017 – In charge of organisation and logistics of the expedition to the Perito Moreno glacier (Argentina) Los glaciers nation Park and Tyndall glacier (Chile) in of Torres del Paine National Park. Micro-biological research, Glaciological and hydrological studies were the main achieves of the expeditions.

2013 until 2016 – Technical Instructor, Cave-Photography Instructor and safety responsible on “CAVES and PAGAEA”  a Astronauts Training Coursey by ESA (European Space Agency).

December 2014 – Expert caver and photographer in the Rescue Project of Arbol de Navidad – Chiapas – Mexico.

March 2009 – Caver guide and responsible for the safety of the television team of the Italian La7, filming the program “ Missione Natura” Underground River Cave in Palawan island.

_ During my studies I developed a passion for caving and after an explorative expedition in Patagonian’s glaciers in ’97, I focused also on glacier caves.

In 2001 I finished a Masters degree in Geology with a thesis: “Morphological and evolution features of the glacial caves on the Gorner Glacier (CH).”
I did my first expedition in Greenland in 1999: we reached the glacier by kayak and the cave exploration was great … we found several moulins (ice-caves) at the incredible depth of 160 m.
I left Florence, the place where I was born, on 25th November 2007 for a long journey in Asia … the first stop was Bangkok … the next, I didn’t have any idea!
To travel without a return ticket was always my dream … I came back to Italy in January 2009 after a great journey in 10 different Asiatic countries!!

Photography is my best way to show to all kinds of public our planet … from mountaintops, down to the sea, inside the caves and into the ice. I try to capture all places and angles in order to show the beauty in its own light, sometimes without a precise shape.
As part of my numerous expeditions I had the opportunity to immerse myself in Photography documentation as well as to gain leadership and organizational skills.
I believe that my acquired knowledge as a Geologist, Speleologist, Alpinist, along with the glacial expertise; my ability as a Rescue team member and my experience with photography projects, are all a unique and valuable combination and a great asset for any research and documentation programs in the most difficult to reach areas of our Planet.

Photography publications, experience and training:
– Spelunca n°135 “Exploration spéléologique et recherche scientifique: sur les traces de l’explorateur polaire Paul-Emile Victor” pag.10-19.
-2013 Cover and more in Karst and caves of Myanmar – J. Dreybrodt & M. Laumanns (editors) Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte, (BHB), volume 51, published 2013.
– 2013 front Cover of International Journal of speleology 42(3)
– 2013 and 2010 Official photographer in the Spélè’ice expedition
– 2013 – Photojornalism Course with Parallelozero Agency “ Work with the
National Geographic Magazine”
– August 2011 Photographic reporting of the Russian-Italian expedition
“Baisun-Tau 2011” on the mountain of Uzbekistan.
– Spelunca n°125 “Baisun-Tau 20112 La reprise des expeditions en Asie
Centrale” pag.1-5
– February-March 2011 Photographic reporting during La Venta
“Underground Subterranean River” expedition, Palawan – Philippines.
Several photos in: ”The river of Swallows” Treviso: Edizioni Tintoretto,
-2000 Canoe and rafting Magazine: “Groenlandia – Pagaiando tra I ghiacci” A.Romeo.

− 2015-today Caving Sectional Instructor of CAI (Italian Club Alpine)
− 2010-today Member of Association “Spélè’ Ice” – Artic Explorations Team (
– 1996-2007 Volunteer in the Italian Alpinist and Speleological Rescue Team (CNSAS)
– 1997-2007 Speleology Instructor of the Italian Speleological Society (SSI)
− 2005-2007 Head of Tuscany Speleology Rescue Team (SAST)
− 2005-2007 Diver training until license of Dive Master
– 2005-today Member of Association “La Venta” – Geographical Explorations Team (

Scientific publications:
L. Piccini, A. Romeo, G. Badino (2002): “Moulins and marginal contact caves in the Gornergletscher – Switzerland” – Nimbus 23/24, p. 94-99.
A. Romeo (2002): “Knud Rasmussen Expedition (Greenland 1999). Preliminary Report” – Nimbus 23/24, p.123-124.
G. Badino, M. Mecchia, F. Lo Mastro, A. Romeo (2007): “Hielo Continental Sur –L’altro carsismo – Due anni di ricerche sul carsismo glaciale in Patagonia” – Speleologia 56, p. 64-77
Books and book chapters
L. Piccini, A. Romeo (2004). La nascita della glacio-speleologia.. In: G. Badino, A. De Vivo, L. Piccini. Grotte di Cielo – Viaggio nel cuore dei ghiacciai, pp. 59-70, Treviso: Edizioni Tintoretto, ISBN:9788890146992.