GRAAL II – 2010 – Biology and Speleology on the Ice Cap of Greenland

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Expedition “GRAAL II – 2010″
2° Expedition
“Spélè’Ice” Association

Photos Distributor: “Parallelozero Agency” – Milan

The GRAAL project, whose acronym stands for Greenland Animals and Algae
Research, founded in 2006 after the idea of Serge Aviotte (a veteran caver and
founder of the French School of Speleology and of the Association Spélè’Ice )
and Alain Couté (an expert in micro algae and aquatic fauna from the Museum of Natural Sciences of Paris ).
We reached with a helicopter the inner parts of Greenland’s ice cape at 28 km distance from the west coast close to the city of Ilulissat, about 1000 m above sea level.
Glacier caves exploration and biological research on the cryoconites holes are not the main goals of the exploring team … only a small group of cameramen are filming the expeditions for a couple of television documentaries.
Isolated, amazing blue and huge flatland scenarios!
The Cabane of Paul Emile Victor at Port Victor close to Eqip Sermia Glacier was
our home for part of the expedition.