Gorner Glacier – Investigation of a glacier from the inside! (CH)

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Gorner Glacier – Zermatt – Switzerland

Glacier-Caving on the Alps! Inside the glacier!

In 2001 I obtained my Masters degree in Geology. The topic of my thesis was: “The morphological and evolution features of the glacier caves on the Gorner Glacier (CH).”
My first time on this glacier was in 1998 with a La Venta expedition!
I visited and explored those moulins 18 times. We surveyed deep shafts, long galleries and many other cryokarst features.
This place can be considered as the speleoglacial park of the Alps; the second glacier in dimension and the easiest accessible glacier for investigations of any kind!
This stream of ice located in the meddle of Alps, close to Zermatt and Cervinia, set inside the Matterhorn Mountain and the Mont Rose, become smaller and rockiest year by year … but the glacio-speleological investigations are still interesting!