Venezuelan Tepui … amazing geographical and caving exploration!

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Imawarì Yeuta the largest cave system in quarzites sandstone rock of the World! – Venezuelan Tepui –
“Tepui” means “House of the Gods” in Pemon Kamarakoto the language of the inhabitants in the plains ” la Gran Sabana”. 
More that 2000 m high, made of hard quartzite rocks, they are some of the few left unexplored areas of the World … It’s been a long time that the geographic exploring team of La Venta “Geographical Explorations” works in collaboration with Theraphosa Venezuelan Exploring Team in this parts of the Planet.
The amazing landscapes, animals and plants are not the only treasures of Auyan, Chimanta and Roraima Tepui … Beautiful caves carved in these old rocks ( over 2 billion years) hide an incredible collection of special minerals and unknown fauna … I have had the privilege to explore and photograph this part of the Earth.