Cenote Abyss … a glacier inside the Dolomites!

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The Dolomites. protected by the United Nation’s heritage site, UNESCO, and proclaimed to be among the most beautiful mountains of the World, they still hold unexplored treasures like the Abyss of Cenote located in Conturines mountains ( Fanes-Senes-Braies Park ).

Abyss of Cenote is an impressive ice cave located at almost 3000 m hight, which hosts one of the most voluminous cave glaciers of the Dolomites.

“Inside the Glaciers”, an ongoing project sponsored by La Venta – Esplorazioni Geografiche, explores the details of the huge inner shaft of 165 m deep that lead into a dome occupied by a cave rock glacier with typical terminal tongue embankments at depth of 280 m..

A research project was launched to monitor long-term movements and volume changes of this ice deposit as well as to understand the cave microclimate and the potential for future palaeoclimate studies. The team uses a Leica scanner with Cyclone software onboard to pick up the details.

See the Abyss Cenote 3D laser scanner fly through here: